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Exploding Mods Explained – How To Prevent It

Why some people's mods blow up. What the problem was and how to prevent it. Don't take a risk with vaping, ensure you're being safe at ALL times! Read this to cover yourself.


Exploding Ecigs/Mods Let’s address this. It’s something that really REALLY gets to me. It boils my blood, just writing this annoys me.

Why Does It Happen?

Straight into the nitty-gritty

80% user error 20% poor batteries I’d say. If you need to know about battery safety, pause reading this and hop over to Battery Safety.

Right, so you’ve read that one. Good stuff. For those that didn’t want to read that, I’ll explain the very basics here. But I urge you to read that article.

Battery Negligence

Some people don’t understand what can happen if your batteries are in poor condition. Battery negligence can be fatal. No, that’s not me trying to scare you. People have died from exploding mods. If your wrap has a small tear in it, it can create a short, which can cause auto-firing. This then leads to constant firing of the mod, overloading the battery.

Basically, if you have a tube mod with a bad battery in it, it’s a pipe bomb. Have fun with that.

Tanks on mechanical mods

Tanks on mechanical mods can once again, cause a short. This is because the 510 connection on the tank doesn’t protrude enough, causing the battery to touch the positive and negative at the same time. Once again, pipe bomb. Your mod will explode and you will lose your good looks.

First Image = Exploding mod. Second image = Safe to use.
Image courtesy of Sky Vape

Cheap mods

I’ll admit to had having cheap mechanical mods. I’ve burnt my hand on them, had sparky fly and all sorts. Once again, it’s likely the internals are touching somewhere, causing an arc. Arcing is the biggest cause of hot switches by the way.

Preventing It

Check your batteries every time before putting them in your mod

Once again, a torn battery wrap makes the battery useless. You can re-wrap the battery, but make sure you do a good job. If you have part of the battery body showing, it’s not safe to use.

Brush up on OHMs law

Overloading a battery is incredibly dangerous you can find calculators online which will help you to see if you’re overloading the battery or not. HOWEVER – It’s worth checking it manually by using the formula V A R. How I remember this is, ‘Virgins Are Rare’. I’ll put an example of how to use this formula below.

V = Volts. I = Amps. R = Resistance (Ohms) Virgins Are Rare.
How to use this formula – I x R = V (Volts) V / R = I (Amps) V / I = R (Ohms)
Image courtesy of

Good quality batteries

Don’t cheap out on batteries. Efest are terrible, other re-wraps with unrealistic amperage ratings are also terrible. How do you spot a re-wrap? Well, they’re going to be branded with either a companies name or a silly name like ‘Vape battery’. If you see a battery with a constant discharge of 50A, walk away! If it’s too good to be true, then also walk away.


Follow these rules. If you’re unclear on what’s safe and what’s not, contact us. If you see a battery that you’re unsure of, also contact us and we’ll confirm it for you.

I don’t want to see another horror story or a ‘news’ article smear piece on exploding mods ever again. The resources you need are here on our blog. Don’t be silly about these things, accidents can be life-changing.


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