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Fasttech Store – Too good to be true?


Let me start out by saying, I’ve bought from Fasttech, I have a fair bit of experience with them. This review will be my honest experience and thoughts towards the website. This is a purely a review of the vaping gear, not any other the other products on the website.

Is the website safe?

When I shop online, I am generally skeptical when buying things from China. The first thing that comes into my mind is “Damn, those prices are low. Is this website really legit?”

Well, I can tell you from experience, yes. This website is in fact legit. Regarding the pricing, there are no hidden costs, you don’t get stung on packaging – BUT there is a chance you have to pay import tax, you must be aware of this!

The quality

So, fasttech do sell authentic gear, but you’re probably not looking for that when you enter this website. So the question we should be asking is are the clones good quality? The answer is, hit and miss. I’ll list you what clones I’ve bought down below, with my thoughts on each one.

‘Titty Rogue’

The quality is fine. The engraving seems to be painted and it slowly cracking off after daily use. As for the performance and machining, it’s top notch. It’s a hybrid mod so should hit pretty god damn hard. I’ve had no issues with this yet.


Once again, well made with no major issues. My one gripe with this mod is the hot button you get. But that’s more of a maintenance issue. Nothing else noteworthy really.

‘Time Keeper Revolver’

Bad, very very bad. So this mod went straight in the bin. The time keeper had a magnetic switch on the bottom (2 magnets repelling until pressed in.) Now, that’s great when they work, many other mods use this system, such as the SCNDRL. But unfortunately, this was its downfall.

Once the button was pressed, it arced out spectacularly. It actually burnt my hand when this happened which kinda hurt (It takes a fair bit to hurt me, I ain’t no bitch!) It’s a pipe bomb, it should be sorted or removed from the website. It’s irresponsible to sell this to the public.

The ‘Dead Rabbit’

Meh. It’s ok I guess. It sorta looks like the real thing, it’s machined similar to the real thing. Overall, not that impressed. It almost put me off buying an authentic one (Glad it didn’t!)


So that sums up my order history with fasttech. On the whole, it’s been fine, but ever since the timekeeper I won’t shop there again. It may sound a bit extreme, but I refuse to support a website that sells dangerous products to the public.

Delivery speed

You know what, considering it’s all the way from China, it gets here pretty fast, so ‘fasttech’ is a pretty fair and accurate name. Depending on which option you pick, it will be with you within a full week.

Customer support

So as you read above, I’ve had problems and obviously contacted customer support. The big question then, was my issue resolved?

To be honest, I sent them an email telling them about the timekeeper and they were very apologetic. I asked for a refund, but I never actually followed it up. Since it was only like $12 I forgot about it. However, one day when I returned home from a long arduous day at work, a package from China was waiting for me. It was a Goon clone, I didn’t ask for this, so it was their way of an apology I s’pose.

I’m sorry to say it, but the Goon clone was crap quality. It was a nice gesture though.

Final thoughts

I’m sorry Fasttech, you will no longer be getting my business. It’s been a bumpy road with us, but the Timekeeper was just too much to ignore.

At the end of the day, ladies and gents, you get what you pay for. If you’re after some knock-off gear, it’s not going to be top-notch quality, but it is cheap.

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