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How to use an RDA

How to use a RDA
How to use a RDA

So you’re wanting to know what and RDA is and how you should use it? Look no further, I’ve got your back.

What is an RDA?

Let’s dumb it down shall we? Let’s break down the separate sections and we’ll go from there!

‘Deck’ Section: This is where the post are located.

‘Cap’ Section: This is usually where the airflow is located.

‘Drip Tip’ A drip tip is where you take a vape from. These are usually fully customisation – YAY!

Alright, that’s all very well and good, but what do I do now?

You put some God damn sick builds in there of course!


Start off with some wire. If you don’t know about Ohms law, go to the ‘Ohms Law’ post. Please don’t just try and wing it. I won’t be held responsible for you blowing your face off then having to explain to your kids why their Dad/Mum looks like something out of the walking dead.

I digress. You can put whatever wire you want to in there, obviously, some decks are going to be more restricting for builds in terms of space and post hole sizes. Usually, I’ll run some NI80 flatwire in my drop RDA. Wrap the wire around whatever size bit you want. I use 7 wraps on a 3mm diameter bit. Once you’ve got your coils, chuck them in there. You might have to pre-bend the legs (The long bits on the ends.) Make sure they’re tight in there, if they’re loose, the ohms will fluctuate if they move – Really not great.

Alright, your first build’s done. How was it? I bet it was super hard, now it looks like a birds nest…..It gets easier as time goes on, trust me.

What’s next boss? You’ve got to check the Ohms then heat those coils up, make them glow red.

Put the RDA on your Ohm reader and check what it is. Then using that Ohms law magic, work out if it’s safe for your mod. You see that? I didn’t tell you what’s safe and what’s not. READ UP ON OHMS LAW you sneaky cunt. I can’t stress how important it is.

If the Ohms look good, crack on, heat them up. Pulse the coils on your mod, you’ll see there are parts which are heating up faster than the rest of the coil (a hot spot.) – You don’t want this. I find it’s good to strum the coil lightly with your tweezers. You want your coils glowing from the inside, out. Have you finished yet? Nah? It’s cool, I can wait.

Now they’re glowing perfectly, very nice.

Wicking time!

Get some cotton, get some good stuff, I use cotton bacon. Fun fact  I once ran out of cotton and used part of a tampon instead of cotton, they wick really well. Moving swiftly on….Pull your cotton through the coil, ensuring it’s not too tight to pull through, but equally not too loose. If it’s too tight or too loose you’ll get a dry hit, believe me, you don’t want that. Got it pulled through? Sweet. Eye up how much cotton you’ll need hanging out of the edge of the coil, so it touches the deck. Cut the tails off and tuck them into the deck.

Juice it up

Squirt some juice over the coils and surrounding area – Not too much though. I’ve found that if you put a bit on the coil, then gently pulse it once, it will pull the juice through the coil and into the wick. Don’t pulse it for too long though or you’ll burn the cotton and have to rewick.

Juiced it up? Vape away my friend. Get on that steam train to flavour town.

How was your first time? Was it stressful but totally worth it? Of course it was.

Got an issue? Let me know, I’m sure I can help! 🙂



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