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In the news this week (01/06/2018)


What’s in the news this week?

It’s been a bit of a quiet news week here for us. With the bank holiday weekend, things have been busy our end but we are back on track now!

Main highlights from this week have been Tom’s preview of the Vapour Hut in Yate & Knucklehead Vapes.

Both of these places offer amazing service and products to make sure that you check out their reviews.

This week we also published an article that we feel is one of the most important things that you will ever read on Ripping Clouds.

The subject of battery safety is so hot in the media and it is so easy to give vaping a bad name by doing stupid things with your batteries.

I was recently at a family BBQ and had a discussion with my stepbrother about the state of his batteries. From what I have found it is rarely through intentional negligence¬†that these things are mistreated, it’s more lack of information being provided.

Make sure you check out this article.

We have some really nice reviews coming up over the next few weeks. New juices, mods and plenty to keep you interested.

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