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Keeping the face of vaping clean

Keeping the face of vaping clean
Keeping the face of vaping clean

Strange title I know. I’m going to talk about vaping etiquette in public. This is how we can give vapers a better name.

So by now you probably have a vape and you take it outside instead of a packet of cigs – good stuff! But how is this impacting the people around you? It’s mainly common courtesy, but I’ll run through some tips.

Mind your angles

So if you’re walking along the pavement and you have people behind you, blow your clouds elsewhere. I know this is basic human decency, but I still see people engulfing others in their cloud of pineapple fury. Angle it anywhere but backwards, ensure you’re not being an obnoxious oaf.

Stifle your clouds

What do I mean by this exactly? Well, there is a term called a ‘stealth vape’. When you take an inhale, hold it for 2 seconds, take another breath in, hold it, then one more breath, hold again and release. You’ll notice is the cloud is a lot smaller. This also allows you to vape going undetected in certain places.

Sat in traffic?

So I spend a fair bit of time sat in traffic with my mod in my hand and I used to just chuck clouds out the window. But the more I see others do it, I think, what a dick. It is annoying to be behind someone vaping out the window, it is annoying to watch. It may go into someone else’s car, what are you going to do then?

Mod choice

When I leave the house, I think about which mod I should use. I have many mods in rotation with different builds in them. Some are angry cloud chasing builds and some are just enough to satisfy my craving.

Try and choose something which doesn’t create a new weather system around you, when going out.

Final thoughts

Vapers have been given a bad name by people not abiding by these unwritten rules. Some of you may not follow this advice. But if you don’t, you can’t come crying to daddy when someone called you a hipster douchebag.

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