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Knucklehead Vapes #Nofuckwits

Knucklehead Vapes
Knucklehead Vapes

Knucklehead vapes is a website selling primarily clones, but have also recently ventured into selling authentic mods and even developing their own mod and juice lines. But are they worth using?

The Website

It’s pretty good for a small company. The mobile version isn’t as smooth as I’d like, but I still use it on my phone regardless. Everything’s in its own category and generally well organised. It also seems to be updated regularly, meaning there aren’t any bugs. Good stuff!

Range of Products

So above I’ve mentioned, they primarily sell clones. If you’re an elitist, you can see yourself out now…

They have pretty much anything you can think of. These range from older style mods right up to ones that were only released a few months ago.

These include;

  • Squonkers
  • Single cell tubes
  • Series mods
  • Parallel mods
  • RDAs
  • RDTAs
  • RTAs

The ‘Duster’ mod is their own developed tube mod. They are very highly rated and I will be purchasing one for review purposes!

A Pretty good selection then. But what’s the quality like?


Right, I’m going to go out on a limb here. I’d say they sell the best quality clones around.

After my escapade with a timekeeper mod from fasttech (Covered in a previous article), I bought one from here instead. It’s very nice indeed. I’ll write a short list of my purchases.

Timekeeper Revolver Styled Mod

Overall, a very well made mod. It’s finished in black, which I believe is powder coated, but can’t be sure. The box it came in was nice, the threads are smooth and it hits hard.

My one gripe with this mod is the black is coming off. Now, I’m not that gentle with mods, so this could be the reason.

Drop Styled RDA

I did originally have an issue with one of these I purchased. I will cover that in a minute.

Very well made. The 510 pin threads are nice, the main deck section is sturdy, the cap is well made, and, most importantly, the airflow is smooth.

Boxer Styled Squonker

Didn’t have a great time with this mod. This mod has been removed from the site due to the issues I would imagine.

The bottle was leaky, which is annoying on a squonk. The contact system was poor at best. It would work for a day maybe, then leave arc marks so bad, it would misfire like a motherfucker.

The button also melted, which was annoying. Overall, I wouldn’t label this mod as dangerous, just poor. As I said, the mod has been removed from the site now, so they’ve seen the issue and addressed it.

I’ve bought more, but can’t list it all. I’ll be here all day. Overall, it’s very good. A couple slip through though.

Dispatch and delivery speed

Top marks on this one. Orders are usually dispatched next day, sometimes even same day, great! Any orders over £50 are posted free with first class royal mail, so that’s cool.

Customer Support

So, as I said above, I’ve had issues with some of the products. The first ‘drop RDA’ I received had a wobbly post on the deck, it was pretty disappointing. I contacted customer support via Facebook and got a reply straight away. They sent out a new one, no questions asked, first class delivery. Really impressed.

Rather embarrassingly, I bought a new dead rabbit and a butcher cap, which I meant to buy in copper, but ordered brass. Now, I posted a screenshot of my purchase at about 10:30 pm on their facebook group ‘Team knucklehead’. I didn’t notice it was ordered in brass until someone pointed it out to me – FUCK!

Thankfully, on their facebook group, the admin actually work at KHV. One of the admins (Steve) commented, saying he will switch it for me in the morning. This was at 11:45 pm. Customer service is second to none.

Final thoughts

I’m very happy with knucklehead vapes. I’ve spent a lot of money on the site and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work #nofuckwits

Go support the site www.knuckleheadvapes.com

NOTE: If you’re looking for a friendly, knowledgeable group of people, go join ‘Team knucklehead’ on facebook!



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