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Mod Review: The Duster by KHV

The Dusters by KHV
The Dusters by KHV

The Duster by KHV

We already have a review on KHV themselves, we’re impressed and continue to do business with them. They’ve now brought out their own mod. I’ve purchased the copper and brass duster and Dan has the stainless steel version. But what do we think of them?

Quick run down

It’s a 25mm single tube mech mod, made up of 3 sections.

Rough measurements – You must excuse me for not having my vernier handy. I’ll have to use a tape.

Bottom section – 8mm Without threads, 19mm including threads.

Middle section – 74mm overall.

Top section – 8mm without threads, 12.5mm with threads.


The bottom section –  This is where the button lives. It has a constant connection system. By this I mean the battery is always in contact with the mod, meaning you will never get any battery rattle. It’s actually a very cool system. The way it contacts is with 2 plates, one in contact with the battery and one which is pushed onto this face, completing the circuit.

It also has 5 small holes in the bottom, acting as vents just in case the worst happens. It has dirty great big long threads to allow for strength with the softer materials. These threads are smooth as silk. A  joy to spin!

Tube section – Just the body of the mod, engraved on the front and once again, good sturdy internal threads.

Top section – Screws on, screws off. Once again, lovely threads.


The styling is unique, it has their logo etched into the main body of the mod, and it’s deep, so will withstand a good polishing session – cool!

The button is a star shape, which means it will only go in one way, so you won’t be able to put it in incorrectly. This is fairly important for new mod users. Mainly because they take their mods apart, don’t know how they go back together and end up putting it altogether wrong. Epic fail.

The top section where the RDA sits also has a start etched into it, the same design as the button.

All in all, it’s a great looking mod, definitely one for the collection!


Alright, so far they’ve done a good job, but how does it perform? Well, good golly, it hits hard! It’s on par with the broadside, which is a crazy hard hitter. They’re in constant rotation for me.


I’ve got to be unbiased in this, so here are the problems and how they can be avoided.

Hot button

It’s pretty common with these mods to have a hot button, but to be fair, a lot of mods get hot if strict maintenance isn’t carried out. All it takes is a screwdriver to take apart the button assembly and give it a good clean. If it’s still getting hot, you haven’t cleaned it properly!

Weak hits/Not working at all

Dan’s run into this problem with his stainless one. All of the threads need to be clean. This includes the button, the bottom section, the top section and your 510 threads. I had the issue of it not working on my brass duster. All it took was a clean and it was hitting like a champ.


Now, this is very much subjective. If you’re used to buying clones, you may be put off by the £79.99 price tag. I never thought I’d spend this on a mod, to be honest, but the R&D they must have put into this costs money, so someone has to pay for it!

Final thoughts

Yeah, I’m a big fan of this mod. Our Instagram feed is filled with pictures of these mods!

I will be looking to complete my collection soon.

Currently, on my copper duster, I have a dead rabbit with the butcher cap. Good lord, it looks amazing!



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