MyVapeStore Cloud Competition

Tonight the Ripping Clouds team attending the launch night and cloud competition for MyVapeStore’s latest store opening in Bristol.

As a complete novice for vaping competitions I was keen to get down to the store for the event and see what takes place.

We have had previous experience with MyVapeStore at one of their other branches so the invite to attend the event was more than welcome.

You can see our review of their other store here.

Massive thank you and shout out to our partners Doozy Vape Co for providing some Juice, TShirts and posters to donate towards the prizes for the event.

Doozy Prizes
Doozy Prizes

We arrived at the store shortly after 6:30pm and were greeted by very friendly staff.

It was a little quieter than expected, however, the atmosphere was very welcoming and everyone was really approachable.

Tom and I were talked into joining the cloud competition (completely out of my comfort zone) and sods law, I was drawn for the first round…

The competition consisted of an outlaw even (anything goes) where everyone went head to head in a best of 3 cloud standoff.


The event was a really good laugh and somehow I walked away in 3rd and Tom came second!

The whole night was really good fun, we met new people, won some awesome prizes and had a really eventful evening.

During the break between the knockout and final rounds the guys hosted a raffle with more fantastic prizes.

Tom’s 2nd place prize:

Toms Prizes
Toms Prizes

Dan’s 3rd place and Raffle Prizes:

Dans Prizes
Dans Prizes

I can’t wait for the next cloud competition that MyVapeStore host. We will certainly be attending.

I can’t rate the guys at this shop any higher! – they are welcoming, fun and knowledgeable and my god, the prizes! jeeze, we even turned down more goodies when we pulled a 3rd number in the raffle! luckily we were able to donate that prize to somebody else at the event.

MyVapeStore will be hosting more of these cloud competitions over the coming months so make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

We have briefly discussed collaborating on a competition in the future so stay posted on details of that!

We will post more pictures of the night on our Instagram page so make sure you check it out here.

a massive thank you to MyVapeStore for hosting the event and to our partners Doozy Vape Co for helping us contribute to the prizes!



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