Nasty Juice
Nasty Juice

This review will be slightly different as I am reviewing a range of 3 juices, not just one.

Nasty Juice are a hot player in the vaping scene right now so it is only fitting that a company who approach their business with a statement like this provide really quality juices:

Our company puts the customer first in everything we do, a commitment consistent everything we do, a commitment consistent with our policy to provide customers with a superior range of products and the finest possible quality

So here is my unbiased opinion on the low mint range from Nasty Juice.

I was introduced to this range around 2 months ago by a good friend of mine who had picked up the “Slow Blow” 10ml at a local vape shop. I later moved on to sampling the “Bad Blood” and “Fat Boy” from the range.

First impressions of the packaging are really good. The 10ml bottles come in a really stylish metal tin giving a real feel of quality from the range.

The mix is 70 VG | 30 PG 0.3mg/ml nic and comes baring the logo of the “Low Mint” range.

If you want to know what goes into e-juices check out our article here.

Nasty Juice “Fat Boy

I will start with my least favourite of the group, the “Fat Boy” (that’s not to say this is a bad flavour).

This juice is a sweet mix of Citrus Ice Slush and Mango.

The mango is this juice is extremely dominant and that is why I rank this vape the lowest of the 3 in the range, I find the flavour fairly sickly after a few hours vaping, making this not an all day vape for me.

The hit from the juice is great and the flavour is strong, with just a hint of menthol on the exhale.

If mango is your thing I would definitely give this juice a try, although I feel like it would better suit the tank market as in my RDA I found it too overpowering.

One thing I would note is that in a tank all 3 of these vapes seem to evaporate at a rate of knotts…I’m not kidding it feels like you are constantly refilling the tank!

Nasty Juice “Bad Blood

Now this juice I have mixed feelings about. When I tried it in a tank it was one of the nicest juices I have ever had. However, after vaping in a RDA it does not carry the same effect. This is something that I find follows fairly true with all of these mixes from Nasty Juice.

This mix consists of Blackcurrant, Ice/Slush and Mint.

The mint is a little more predominant in this flavour but not overpowering. This is easily a all day vape not giving the same sickly taste I found in the “Fat Boy”. I would definitely recommend this juice if you like a fruity, current blend that you can vape all day long.

Nasty Juice “Slow Blow

I come to this juice last because it is by far my favourite of the lot and for a couple of weeks this was the only juice that I wanted to vape. The mix of pineapple and low mint really hit my taste buds and kept me wanting more!

The mix consists of Citrus, Ice/slush, Lime, Limeade and Pineapple.

Honestly, you have to try this Juice. In my eyes it is the flagship for the “Low Mint” range so don’t be put off by the other 2 until you try it.


Nasty Juice have created a really unique selection of flavours with their “Low Mint” range. Although, I can’t help up feel this range is better suited for the tank market they are still great in drippers.

I recommend you give them a go and see what you think!

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