OHMs Law
OHMs Law

Learning about OHMs Law is essential when taking the step from basic eCigarettes to more advanced vapes and mods.

It is far too easy to simply jump in the deep end and very quickly make vaping extremely dangerous when not having the right amount of respect for the equipment you are using.

Essentially every kind of vaping is governed by OHMs Law however, with the most basic eCigarettes and entry level devices the guesswork is taken out of the equation meaning the entry level device user rarely needs to worry about it.

It is when making the step up to a more advanced device where AMPs and Voltage are variable, especially in rebuildable devices that knowledge of OHMs Law is essential. Lack of knowledge and care with these kinds of mods is where the horror stories that you see in the media stem from.

What is Current, Voltage and Resistance and how do we define them?

Voltage (V) is the unit for the difference in electrical potential energy between a positive and negative point. So, the higher the voltage, the higher the amount of energy can be generated between the two points compared to a lower voltage.

Current (I) refers to the amount of charge flowing through a surface (for example coils) per second. Current is what people tend to traditionally see as “electricity”, the transfer of electrons down wires that light up to provide light.

Current can be pictured as a volume of water traveling through a hose pipe, where as voltage is the tap that it is attached to governing the pressure of the flow. As water flows through a pipe it is slowed down by friction on either side from the material of the pipe, this is a simulation of Resistance.

The resistance of a material is essentially how much matter there is for electrons to hit on their journey through the current.

Current is measured in amps (A) and resistance is ohms (Ω).

So what is OHMs Law?

OHMs Law is simply: Current = Voltage ÷ Resistance

When this is applied into the Vaping world people usually look at wattage as a measure of power. Wattage refers to the expenditure of energy over time. This unit of power is the watt (W).

To work out watts using OHMs law when vaping you can use a simple equation:

Watts = Voltage² ÷ Resistance

So how does this tie into ripping them epic clouds?

When you vape using a rebuildable atomiser you are operating outside of the predetermined safety parameters that a boffin in a lab has deemed “safe to use” for your everyday vaper.

All atomisers work because electrical resistance creates heat, in the case of vapes – through your coils that heat the juice and allow for vapour to be produced.
It is a common misconception that the higher resistance would produce more heat and in turn bigger clouds. This is not the case, it is actually determined by the power passing through the coils.

With more electrons being allowed to pass through the coil at a higher rate, there is more traffic to be resisted and in turn causing more heat in the coils. This is why – to vapours, wattage is the more important measurement to rip those phat clouds.

This means that the lower the resistance and higher the voltage, the bigger the clouds…

Running low resistance builds puts a great amount of stress on your batteries, if you are not careful vaping can very quickly become an extremely dangerous pass time.

Make sure that you read up on battery safety and don’t push yourself beyond your own limits.

We will cover battery safety in another post so for now please stay safe and keep ripping them clouds…



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