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Shop Preview: The Vapour Hut Yate

Vapour Hut
Vapour Hut

The Vapour Hut, a place where all are welcome!

Where to find them:

Location: 19 South Parade, Yate, Bristol BS37 4BB, United Kingdom

Website: www.thevapour-hut.com

Contact: 01454 329753

Opening Hours:  

Monday – Saturday 9:30 – 17:00

Sunday – 10:00 – 16:00

The Vapour Hut, Yate

So, it’s rare that I go into vape shops anymore, mainly because I’m lazy and I’d rather shop online. But last Saturday (19/05/2018) was different.

While I was in the Yate area, I thought I’d treat myself to a visit to a vape store. You never know what you’re going to walk into in a vape shop, sometimes they feel like a local pub, all eyes on the new guy! Was this one of those shops? Nope.

First impressions

It’s a small hut right on the edge of Yate’s shopping center, but it’s very visible. The first thing I noticed was the open windows, so that was a load off my mind, knowing I could chuck clouds with a .11 ohm build.

Once I walked in I was astonished by the amount of gear they cram in there! I was expecting a local sort of shop with a couple of Smok devices and a few lines of juice. But God damn. They have everything.

Gear and Juices

So, as I’ve already said, they have lots of stock. But is this store targeted more towards new vapers or experienced vapers? The answer is both. They have a range of mods, tanks, cotton, and wire.

The juice line is much the same. They have from 50/50 (VG-PG) blends, more suited to pens or starter kits, all the way to your standard dripper 70/30. Now, that’s all very well and good, but do they stock your big name brands? Yes, sir. The shelves are literally bowing under the weight of the juice line up – I’m being serious. You might want to get health and safety round or something, I wouldn’t stand under them!

The big question on everyone’s lips then, “Can you sample the juice lines”

The answer is yes, they’re all laid out on the counter. You don’t have to embarrass yourself, feeling like you’re being picky, asking for this one, then that one. They’re all out there for you to drip.

The staff

Well, to be honest, there was only one guy there (Didn’t catch his name. Sorry!) But he was very helpful. We had a chat about building coils, “What have you got in yours then”, “What do you think of the dead rabbit” all the general chit-chat. He even let me have a go on his authentic rig mod (Big money for those that don’t know.) Overall, very nice and a pleasure to do business with.

Would I go there again?

Tricky one this…Of course I would, why wouldn’t I? It’s a great store, located in a very convenient place, friendly staff, and fair prices.

Overall, very happy. I hope their business continues to thrive.

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