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The Wasp Nano by OUMIER

The Wasp Nano by OUMIER
The Wasp Nano by OUMIER

There’s a lot of fuss over the Wasp Nano RDA, some even calling it “The best squonking RDA”.

Well, I disagree. I think the Wasp Nano is a terrible RDA. That may upset some of you, but I will tell you why it’s so bad. I’ll give it a full review, putting good points and bad points.


So, it’s a 22mm RDA which uses a single coil. You can’t put dual coils in, this is built as a single coil RDA only, just bear that in mind before purchasing. It measures 22mm Diameter and 22.5mm in height. It’s very, very small. This may be a pro to some, but it’s a con for me.

The Price

Y’know what? It’s very well priced and I’m glad it is. It means I didn’t waste too much money buying it. You can buy this RDA from as low as £14 from Amazon.

The Packaging

The packaging is nice. It’s eye-catching, it has a honeycomb sort of pattern on it which is pretty cool. It has a scratch and sniff on it so you can see if it’s authentic or not – Useful. On the inside, it has a nice foam insert that it sits in, seems very secure it there, so it won’t rattle about and get damaged.

Underneath the foam, you get some spares. These spares are as follows:

  • Small screwdriver
  • Squonk Pin
  • Some organic cotton
  • 2 Spare grub screws
  • 2 Spare ‘O’ rings
  • 1 Phillips head screw

The Quality Of The RDA

Okay, it’s well made. It feels sturdy, the threads for the posts are smooth and the fitting of the top cap fits well, I doubt it will leak when over-dripped. The 510 pin at the bottom is gold plated, so the contact is good – No weak, soggy hits. The airflow is well machined, it’s a nice smooth draw.

Ease Of Build

It’s very nice to build on. It has a design a lot like the Pharaoh RTA. Once you have your coils in there, they’re very easy to trim off. I have a 3mm ID Juggernaut coil in there with 5 wraps, it fits perfectly.

Wicking is also easy enough. There’s plenty of deck space for your cotton tails, so this won’t be an issue when it comes keeping the cotton saturated.

My thoughts

Alright, so I’ve been fair so far, it does have it’s pros. But now I’ve been over those, it’s time for my opinion.

How big is your mouth?

Once you’ve put your build in, it’s all wicked and saturated, ready to vape. Put it on your mod and give it a go. I went to have a vape on it and totally engulfed the RDA with my mouth. Now that may sound stupid to some and you may think I’m overreacting, but I’m dead serious. It’s so fucking small it’s unreal! Unless you have a child’s mouth, then you’ll have a problem with this.

It’s too hot.

So, because it’s so small, it means the coil is right in your face hole. You will burn your tongue, regardless of your build.

Don’t suck too hard.

I would never normally say this. If you use anything over a light inhale, sort of light breathing, then you’ll get juice in your mouth. Now when I say juice in your mouth, I don’t mean just a little pootle of juice, I mean the whole deck of juice. The question is, do you spit or swallow?

So, I wouldn’t buy this RDA again. If you disagree, comment below and we’ll discuss this.

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