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We’re Back!

Sorry for the wait guys. This post explains what happened and what's in store. Check it out to find out what's next in our journey together!


My God, we’re back. Let’s do this thing!

Dan and I had our Instagram hacked – Cheers for that, whoever did it. It resulted in malicious content being uploaded, so if you saw that, we’re sorry. And of course, screw that guy.

Anyway, we thought that was the end of it. All we had worked for was gone. But oh no Sir. We’ve got it back and we’re stronger than ever! Go and give it a follow to stay up to date –

No More Messing About

Quality content coming at you.

This blog was always meant to be fun and informative. We don’t intend to change that. We listen to what you want, and we write about it. If you’ve got a subject you want to be covered, get in contact with us.

Sponsorship deals

As you may have seen, we were sponsored by Doozy Vape Co. Now, we’re happy to take these deals, but we won’t take one that lowers the quality of our content, which through our own fault, we did with Doozy. This will not happen again.

Stay in touch

We have a mailing list which you can opt into if you so wish. This will keep you updated on upcoming posts and or sponsorship deals. If we can get a deal where we can give back to you, by running a competition, then this is where you’ll find out about it.

The Future Is Bright

We’ve got this. It’s all under control and we’re excited to bring you along on our journey. There’s LOADS of subjects we never got to cover, like Pod Vaping, the Nic Salt Craze and much more.

We’re over the moon, and I hope you are too!

Much love and thank you for sticking around

Keep on Ripping!


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